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Be a Bad One
Be a Bad One

Be a Bad One

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Vintage Looking Destroyed Tee - Pigment Dyed

  • 100% Cotton
  • Premium quality ringspun and compacted cotton
  • Fine Cotton Jersey that is pigment dyed for a more vintage look
  • Features tears and destroyed features at neck and on body
  • Each piece is unique as this process is done by hand!
  • 3.8 oz
  • Made In USA

Every garment dye item can be a slightly different shade in color since this is a laundry dye process. Enjoy its unique quality!

This Be a Bad One Tee is a premium quality garment, crafted with 100% cotton and pigment dyed for a vintage look. Featuring tears and destroyed features on the neck and body, this tee is made in the USA and each piece is unique, as the dyeing process is done by hand. Enjoy its 3.8 oz of unique quality!

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